Slips for sale in Oceanside Harbor…

I just read the local harbor rag. I had no choice as I needed it to fill out some shipping containers for my boat business. The story was about this Frank guy that lost his boat while attempting to begin his journey around the pacific. During trials down in Mission Bay, he had an altercation with some low lifes fleeing the A8 disperse orders and apparently they sabotaged his vessel during his absence. What the article detailed that really caught my attention was that he financed his trip preparations with the proceeds from selling his slip. That’s right, selling his slip. The policy in Oside is that they allow slip transfers if someone sells their boat to someone and the slip can go with the boat. Of course, the transfer cost is really cheap. Well, now another wrinkle has made its way in the use of the transfer fee. Frank found someone that heard of his desire to sail away and Frank has a slip. He could either sublet the slip for a year (and physically make it back in time to redeem it) or just pick up and leave. Or the third option…”sell” his boat to someone that wanted his slip (bypassing the 7 year wait list and literally dozens of irritated people), do the pink slip paperwork at DMV, money passes hands ($10,000 for a 34 foot slip), process the transfer at the harbor office, “sell” the boat back to Frank, and then the guy keeps the slip and moves in his own boat. Frank got cash and fixed his boat which later was sunk, requiring extensive repairs that forced him to donate it to some organization. Days after I read this, I heard that this has been going on several more times, twice on one dock. Fellow harbortards, don’t trailer your boat due to high monthly rental fees…SELL THE SLIP!

5 thoughts on “Slips for sale in Oceanside Harbor…

  1. Wow, that might need a 42 foot slip. Better call the office. Who knows? Might be one available.

  2. I have measured the Beneteau twice to make sure…It’s exactly 37′ including the pulpit. I went by the office to discuss the 3 foot overhang, and it should be OK in a 34′ slip, as long as the boat doesn’t “grow” while I’m on the waiting list!

  3. Ooh, too bad…boats actually grow if left in the water or rain. Throw some kitty litter on the deck. Never hurts to get a sponge.
    Hope you end up here in Oside soon. Good luck.

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